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Not really rocket science!

In all the time I have spent with callers, clients, and friends listening to their issues or worries the common denominator is almost invariably based on their childhood experiences and learnings. Not to go into all the Freudian, Jungian, Rogers or whatever expert that can be used to illustrate the point. The one thing about being a psychotherapist is they need to understand their own experiences and issues they have before they can help others. And I'm no exception. 

My early childhood   

Born into what would seem a normal family. Mum, Dad, two brothers, and a dog. Going to the local school, sport and playing in the woods. Superficially all the ingredients for a normal healthy upbringing. But then you need to look at the parents and their experiences and what has formed them, their parents and what formed them. It's like a never-ending cycle.

My cycle

Logically my personal cycle should reflect that of my parents, grandparents and so on. In particular that of my father and grandfather. Why those two in particular. As role models, there is extensive evidence of the importance of role models within families, more critically sons. I will give a brief reflection of my own journey as a young male, father, and grandparent.