Then, as usual, life gets in the way and I experienced my own life-changing circumstances.

Whilst out cycling I was hit by a car. The subsequent recovery and rehabilitation taking some 3 years. With a difficult journey not only through physical rehabilitation but recovery from the dependency (posh word for addiction) on opiate pain medication. The residential detox and following withdrawal something I would never wish to experience again.

However, this experience has brought me closer to my core drivers, helping me to focus.

The accident interrupted my psychotherapy studying but once able to function to some degree of normality I completed the course. During the placement process and subsequent work with Samaritans and Homeless shelters, I worked extensively with clients struggling with various forms of addiction, mental and social issues.

Through my own experience in recovery and working with clients to develop strategies, methods, and techniques to help manage their specific issues. There was one factor that always seemed to be intertwined with the whole process.


Working with clients