Listening volunteer

So along with my 9-5 job of running an in-house studio, I trained with the Samaritans and became a "listening volunteer" for around 9 years. Spending many along (late) hour on the telephone and face to face with callers who find themselves (usually not of their own volition) in difficult if not life ending circumstances. Spending so much time with people in distress and more times than I care to remember when someone has actually taken the decision to end their life. This really brought home to me how can I better understand this and perhaps be of better help. Not that I could give out advice as to the underlying principle of the Samaritans is to respect the individual's decision and more specifically not offer advice. So I took a 3-year course in Psychotherapy to see if I could perhaps form a better understanding of why people act the way they do and what can be done to help.


Life gets in the way