An Intervention versus a 12 Step call:

An intervention is typically the first contact made with a person in need of treatment.

Interventions SHOULD be performed by a trained and certified interventionist. Interventionists are paid a fee and typically the process involves meeting family members and friends, coaching them on the intervention, setting up all logistical considerations to help the person get to treatment (including travel arrangements and a specific drug rehab that the person will enter) and setting up healthy boundaries and consequences if the identified person is not willing to go get help they need. The end result of an intervention is the person in need either gets into the treatment center or the family has set up healthy boundaries to stop enabling he or she to continue getting high with their emotional and financial help.

A 12 Step call is basically one or more persons of a 12 Step fellowship going to try to help someone in need. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY UNPAID. Many times a 12 Step call will be unplanned. The person in need of help may or may not be willing to get help. There can be many end results of a 12 Step call. Sometimes the person in need will be directed to a detox or treatment center for help, sometimes a recovery home and into the fellowship of AA or NA.

Sometimes the person does not want help but a seed has been planted where they can get help if they need it in the future.