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A recent study by the Guardian looked at the role brands play in influencing an individual’s well-being. In collaboration with Cog Research, “Mood of the Nation” surveyed more than 2,000 adults in the UK and found that people care about how brands behave and worry about “less than desirable” business behaviours.

Implicit research techniques were employed to measure feelings, which can be more reliable than attitudes as consumers might alter their attitudes according to what they think researchers want to hear.

Participants were segmented based on three dimensions: happiness with their personal situations, concern for the world around them, and activity levels as people, citizens and consumers.
The segmentation resulted in five distinct dimensions:

Engaged people are happy, active and concerned about the world around them (24 percent)
Blissful people are happy, active and less concerned (15 percent)
Middle people are moderately happy, active and concerned (25 percent)
Escapists are less active and unconcerned (23 percent)
Disempowered people are passive, unhappy and concerned (13 percent)