18-34 years old

This market segment also referred to as the “bling generation”, spans from those that were raised on TV images of the Vietnam War on one end and those who grew up watching MTV on the other. The coverage of global incidents throughout the media made the tragedy a defining moment in the lives of this age group, a sense of uncertainty about their security has led this market segment to “seek lasting value in both relationships and products”. Another result of this uncertainty is the increased demand for luxury products. “Technology and luxury are two things this generation clearly desires”. Social responsibility plays an important role in selling products to this age group.

They are not only concerned with the value of a product but also the extent to which it is environmentally safe, connected to a cause, and gives back to the community. By buying these types of products, they can feel socially responsible without having to commit any significant amount of time to these causes. Because this age group is so diverse, they can be difficult to market to as a whole. Appealing to this generation requires offering a product with good design; good value, preferably luxury; at least the appearance of some social responsibility; and an advertising campaign that sells with the consumer, not at them.

35-54 years old