35-54 years old

This generation, called the trailing boomers, is characterized by spending a lot but spending carefully. This segment has three primary characteristics. “They are quite sophisticated in the use of technology to get information, they have the money to buy things, and they are still in the householder life stage, many raising teens”. Though this group has large financial obligations for children’s college funds and other expenses, according to the co-founder and senior vice-president of the think tank Age Wave, Maddy Dychtwald, “They want to spend more, they need to indulge themselves a little bit, like they are thinking, ‘If not now, when?’. This market segment wants to get a deal but not sacrifice quality. A good marketing strategy for these demanding and technologically adept consumers is through product segmentation.

If a product works well for a specific consumer, the price will not be a major issue, but it needs to be recognized that different products will appeal to different consumers. Another aspect of concern for this age group is fitness and well-being. “They want to be defined in terms of their attitudes and education, health and wellness, adventure and excitement". Therefore, it may be beneficial to market to this group based on the state of health and ability to get out and do things instead of on their age.

55+ years old