Birth -12 years old.

It is no longer just colorful toys that attract this consumer segment, as it is no longer possible to lump sub-teens together under the same marketing roof. Because of the changing tastes of these “sub-teens” towards consumer electronics and fashion goodies, marketing for this age group has now been split into four distinct under-13 segments: newborns -to-3-year-olds, 3-to-5-year olds, 5- to-8-year-olds, and 8-to-12-year-olds.

Children are leading more protected lives that include more organized activities and closer parental supervision. Relationships with parents have also changed within this market segment in that parents are maintaining friendships with their kids instead of a “gatekeeper” role; therefore, companies market products to children and parents at the same time by selling products that both segments can enjoy together.

Today, children within this market segment also differ from their predecessors in that they are technically empowered. “They have grown up in a world with ready access to multifunctional gaming consoles and Internet connections.” Due to this empowerment at such an early age, they could well evolve into the most progressive and/or demanding generation of consumers. When marketing for this consumer segment it is important to focus on these new media preferences. Products and marketing campaigns that are fun are also a priority, as they are still children.

13-17 years old