Because we think in a fragmentary way, we see fragments. And this way of seeing leads us to make actual fragments of the world.

Susan Griffin, A Chorus of Stones.

ACE (Adverse Childhool Experience)

This is the kind that is nearly universal in our culture—that has sometimes been termed “small-t trauma.” Often witnessed what long-lasting marks seemingly ordinary events—what a seminal researcher poignantly called the “less memorable but hurtful and far more prevalent misfortunes of childhood” — can leave on the psyches of children.

These might include bullying by peers, the casual but repeated harsh comments of a well-meaning parent, or even just a lack of sufficient emotional connection with the nurturing adults. Children, especially highly sensitive children, can be wounded in multiple ways: by bad things happening, yes, but also by good things not happening, such as their emotional needs for attunement not being met, or the experience of not being seen and accepted, even by loving parents.