Living with ADHD is about monitoring your traits and actively working toward finding what works best for you. 
With the right support and treatment, you can create a life that allows you to reach your greatest potential.

How To Push Through Tough Tasks - ADHD Skills Part 2

With ADHD, procrastination is huge. No one wants to do unpleasant things. But with ADHD, you can avoid doing things just because the scope of the task seems too great. It may have too many steps or you think it’s going to take too long.

This video is talking about how to follow through with tasks that you would ordinarily put off. The two tips for that is pairing pleasant activities with the unpleasant ones. This means you have already generated the task list and identified which parts are unpleasant and how long it should take you. You saw how to that in the video that preceded this one. You use the pleasant activity either immediately afterward as reward to look forward to or you do it simultaneously with the unpleasant activity. You can also create a comforting environment in which to do the unpleasant activity to make it more tolerable. Like taking bad tasting medicine with something sweet. And you can adjust the time that you do the hated stuff so that it’s just before you do something you like.

The second tip to being able to follow through with tasks is to prioritize them in order of importance. This helps reduce wasting time on unimportant things so that every important thing doesn’t become urgent. Firedrills beget more firedrills. And a constant state of urgency and catchup makes you extremely inefficient and neglectful of the things that are really important